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The upcoming virtual reality porn news March 11, 2017

Virtual Reality Adult Films

With all the rage of virtual reality, the adult industry is for sure jumping on-board.  Think about how much free porn is out there just a click away, almost anyone can find porn online in seconds.  This had caused a huge decline in the profits the porn industry is used to seeing.  Thus, they are always looking for a new twist or edge.

Bang bus took off in popularity due to it’s nature, of college drop outs picking up random girls to have sex with.  This lead to many law suits, and forced them to proceed with staged films after time.  This move caused viewers to leave, as you could now tell it was trying to hard to seem real.

Enter today and we have tons of porn studios shooting hours and hours of VR Porn.  Using such models you might find working at some Las Vegas strip clubs.  Mostly because of the California condom rule, your seeing more and more porn studios move into the city of Sin.

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